The 8th of November 1519 came the Spaniard Fernando Cortéz Pizarro at the capital of the Aztecs, Mexihko - Tenochtitlan. 

More than 200.000 people were living in Tenochtitlan, a real big city Metropole, the today Mexico - City.

“... The next morning, we reached the main road to Iztapalapa. From there we all saw for the first time the large number of towns and villages that were built in the middle of the lake, and the far greater number of towns on the banks, and finally the very neat, straight road that led into the town Mexico led. We were amazed at this magical realm, which seemed almost as unreal as the palaces in Amadis' book of knights. The solid stone towers, temples and houses towered high and proud out of the middle of the water. Some of our men said they were all just dream faces. The closer we got to Iztapalapa, the higher our ideas of the power and wealth of this land grew. At the entrance to the village we were greeted by new caciques: Cuitlahuac, the prince of Iztapalapa and the prince of Coyohuacan, both close relatives of Moteczuma. In Iztapalapa we were quartered in real palaces, in huge buildings made of beautifully hewn ashlar stones, which were decorated with woodwork made of cedar and other fragrant woods. All the rooms were hung with cotton wallpaper. These palaces included beautiful gardens with a variety of flowering trees, rose hedges and flower beds, with orchards and a pond that was connected to the lake by a canal. Wonderful scents floated over everything. The canal was completely walled. The multi-colored stones were set in such a way that beautiful ornaments resulted. All sorts of birds swam in the various waters. Everything was so beautiful and graceful that you couldn't get enough of it. Indeed, I do not believe that more beautiful countries were discovered before our time, because Peru was not conquered then. Today nothing can be seen of all this. No stone in this beautiful city is left standing on the other." 

(Bernal Diaz del Castillo, "The Conquest of Mexico") 

1519 - Shortly after their arrival, the Spaniards captured our Emperor Moctezuma, although we Aztecs welcomed them hospitably, entertained them and showered them with valuable gifts. Cortés wanted to guarantee his safety, because he was well aware of the precarious situation in which they was surrounded by Aztec warriors, despite all the hospitality. 

1520 - After six months the situation escalated. Moctezuma was killed and hundreds of the Spaniards died in the battle that followed. Cortéz was able to escape and besieged the city with survivors for 3 months. 

1521 - in August our brothers and sisters, weakened by hunger and many unknown diseases, had to give up, the beginning of the end of the Aztec Empire ... and soon after all American nations ... 

When Cortéz landed in Mexico in 1519, around 80 million people lived all over, 60 years later, there were only about 4 million... 

I would like to reproduce a smaller part of the book “The Destruction of India” by Pastor Bartolome de las Casas. This book was written in the middle of the 16th century. It is only on the basis of this document that the church has recognized the "Indians" as human beings. If it hadn't been written, the "Indians" would still be... referred to as animals: 

“Let those who will read this consider now and with God what kind of deed this is and whether, with all this cruelty and injustice, it is right to call yourself a Christian. Devil fits or not, it would be better to hand the Indians over to the devils of Hell than to the Christians of India. One more thing I'll say, and I don't know of any crueler, more infernal, and full of angry beasts than this one. It has already been mentioned that the Spaniards trained sharp and vicious dogs to kill and dismember the Indians. All those who are true Christians and all those who are not should know when one hears from the world that in order to be able to keep the said dogs, they took many Indians in chains on their ways like herds of pigs: they killed them, and they had public butcher shops for human flesh, and they said to each other, 'Give me a quarter of one of these creatures so I can feed my dogs until I kill one myself.' It was like borrowing pork or veal . There were others who went hunting with their dogs in the morning and when they returned they were asked how they had fared. They replied like this: ´I was fine because my dogs killed 15 to 20 Indians. All these and other diabolical things were certainly done by tyrants. What could be more terrible and inhuman?  

The Last Judgment will expose everything when God will repay the horrific and terrible insults committed in India by those with Christian names. When the Indians ask why whites are like this, they answer this question among themselves: `Because they are naturally vicious and cruel. 'In the three months I witnessed alone, 7,000 children died of starvation because their parents were looked at brought to the mines as slaves. They left no man, woman, old man, or child alive, because of little things. 

They murdered the inhabitants of entire villages and towns, and not a single poor being was left alive, although it was in the nature of the Indians to always receive people with joy and gifts. Thousands upon thousands were crammed together in chains to carry the Spanish things that were thrown on their backs. The Aztecs once sent 6,000 away, but only four returned. Everyone else died on the way. The chains were put around their necks, and when several of them became sick and tired from hunger and hardship, the Spaniards did not loosen the chains, but simply cut their necks so that the head fell on one side and the body on the other. Thousands died simply because they were removed from their areas of origin and sold as slaves. There were many massacres everywhere: in Tenochtitlan, Tepeaco, Cholula, Panuco, Tultepec, Cuzkatlan, Yuyapari and elsewhere. 

During their dances, when they are unarmed, they are attacked with the words `Santiago to them`, and the delicate, naked bodies are killed with bare lances, and a lot of blood flows so that not a single one remains alive. They do the same in other places. 

The earth, which really looked like a paradise, was more inhabited than anywhere else in the world ..., now everything is so destroyed and deserted, and no matter how hard you are, the suffering still penetrates to the core of your body ... thousands and Thousands upon thousands of Indians had their ears, noses and necks cut off for little things, but most of them without any reason. If the Indians didn't want to do what the Spaniards said and fled to the mountains, they were called rebels and troops were sent to find the refugees and not leave a single one alive. Often times, heaps of them were pushed off the rocks. 

I would like to end with this until new wickedness’s and devils come, if there can be more and new ones at all, as they have been for the last 42 years and which I have seen with my own eyes.  

I defend myself before God and my conscience as much as I believe and am sure that the destruction and annihilation are so; as well as the extermination, decimation, death, atrocities, injustices, thefts and massacres that have been perpetrated against the people and in the cities and are still perpetrated in all parts of India today. All of the things I have said and spoken are true without exception, and every Christian must have pity on these innocent nations, and everyone should accuse these greedy, and cruel Spaniards. Let us perceive these truths. 

I assure you that to this day, since the discovery of the India, the Indians would never have done anything bad to the Christians in any part of the country without first being robbed, abused, deceived, on the contrary, they gladly received the Spaniards, until they showed with their actions what they want and who they are". 

(End of section) 

Disrespect and ignorance of ancient cultures will destroy us all. That is why the natives of our continent have been saying for a long time: "Our downfall will also be yours!"