Donations! And what is done with it!!!

For 35 years I have been trying to bring the sacred Aztec feather crown of our 9th Emperor Moctezuma back to Mexico from Austria. It has been there since 1524, almost 500 years in EXILE! 

That's why I brought around 500 Mexican traditional dancers to Vienna to help me organize, dance, drum, collect signatures, 27 international marches, demonstrate, press conferences, meetings with politicians, lectures, etc. For this I learned 4 languages. I wrote 11 books, some of them in German such as: "Views of a savage on civilized people", "Medicine of Mother Earth", "Our only God is the earth", "What the wind sings for us" and others. 

I am sure that at least 750 million people worldwide know about this action because I have been spoken to international press in 47 countries. 1986 was the first time that I came to Vienna. Since then I have flown to Europe around 40 times. 

I am a spokesman for the United Nations (UNO) and an envoy to Europe from a human rights organization from Mexico (FMPDH), am traditional dancer and drummer of the Aztecs, as well as an official tour guide for all Mexico. 

In our country MEXICO, there are unfortunately very many poor people, over 45% live below the poverty line, especially native people. Illiteracy and alcohol are the worst problem. 

After 500 years of INVASION from Spain, our high cultures are almost forgotten or lost. There is very little work and it is very poorly paid. With around 130 million inhabitants, 68 languages are still spoken today. Aztec (or Nahuatl) and Maya, they are the two most widely spoken languages. 

I have already traveled over 1 1/2 million miles. In 1992 we walked over 2 ½ tausend miles around Austria for 104 days! In 1993 we were in 13 European countries and I spoke to the Queen Mother in Holland Julianna, the Pope at the Vatican, the Prince of Liechtenstein Adam II and many members of the Parliament in Vienna from the parties SPÖ and Greens together with many others.   

And in the years 2005 - 2006 there were well over 90% opportunities to get our feather crown back, but unfortunately there was no official request to return it. The government of Mexico and the people of Mexico are DIFFERENT and far from the same. 

I myself belong to the group of people who live below the poverty line, but to pay the huge costs I wrote 11 books, organized trips to Mexico, held seminars, workshops and lectures, sold feather works, danced in universities and museums or cultural centers, loans, etc. Borrowed and got some donations. This is how I paid: over 600 flights, transport, food, accommodation, insurance, permits, lawyers, passports, house rents, fees and much more. 

For me, what I do is a LIFE MISSION!!! 

The very many problems that MEXICO has today started with the invasion from Spain, our people were SLAVES for 300 years. The people who had knowledge were killed ... all buildings or entire cities were completely destroyed. Dozens of millions of people have been killed! 500 years later ... there is alcohol and drugs, among many other problems. 

Today's Mexicans need to rediscover their own cultures! When the crown of feathers returns to Mexico, they will recognize their roots, they will look FORWARD with dignity! This crown of feathers means the return of our wisdom, knowledge and roots. 

The donations are needed to undertake many other international campaigns, especially in Vienna, so that the return of our feather crown can finally take place! 

Thank you for your DONATIONS, SUPPORT and attention.