Give back to Mexico what belongs there: 

The holy feather crown of Moctezuma!

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The holy feather crown of the IX Aztec Emperor Moctezuma!!!

Hello, dear Brother & Sister. My name is Mr. Xokonoschtletl Gómora.    I am spokesman for the United Nations, envoy of the human rights organization FMPDH from Mexico to Europe, book author of 11 books, international speaker, seminar leader, traditional dancer and drummer of the Aztecs as well as 4 languages certified tour guide for all Mexico. I am also… 71 years young.

Since 1986 I have been coming to Europe regularly to request the return of our holy Feather and GOLD crown of our 9th Emperor Moctezuma from Austria to Mexico.

It has been in Austria since 1524 ... almost 500 years EXILE!!! 

I learned 4 languages specially for this, including German! I brought 500 Mexican natives to Europe, held 27 international Marches and about 500 demonstrations in Vienna Austria! I spoke to countless politicians and the media, got to know royal families like the Quinn Julianna in Holland and visited the Dalai Lama at the UN and the Pope in the Vatican.

For that matter I have been physically assaulted, injured and even detained several times. 

Vienna Heldenplatz 1993: A peaceful and approved demonstration in front of the Völkerkundemuseum is violently ended by the police for no reason. 

I financed all of these actions by myself, through the sale of my 11 books, lectures, workshops, seminars, tours through Mexico and especially with loans, also, with a few donations. I think that I raised a few million euros for this campaign, because of: over 600 flights, overnight stays, meals, insurance, transport, permits, passports, lawyers and many more. 

Moctezuma's feather crown is the only surviving feather crown from the old days.  It consists of exactly 400 green tail feathers of the rainforest bird Ketzalli (Quetzal) which u. a. is a very sacred bird for the Aztecs and Mayans. It is studded with GOLD plates that symbolize the sun and were numbered to enable cosmic calculations. Originally, she wore a golden helmet in the shape of a bird's head (quetzal) with eyes made of precious stones, which was "lost" in Austria. Analogous to the papal Miter, it represents not only political, social and economic power, but also the even more important, spiritual power. 

Upon their return, many Mexicans will recognize and practice their own cultures. It will be received by millions of people! This unprecedented event will change world history! A new era will begin for Mexico based on its own traditions!

The holy quetzal bird

In the mountains, cities, in the jungle and in all parts of Mexico, teachers are waiting for a sign to come out of the dark and teach all those who want to learn and know the other story, the real story as told by the surviving Aztecs and Mayas was told and written down by the Mazahua, Purépecha, Cora, Tlahuica, Otomí and many other autochthonous peoples, a story that is completely different from the official one!!!

In the year 2025 marks the 700th anniversary of the founding of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. I'm sure if our crown isn't returned by this year, it won't come home at all.

After 500 years of brainwashing, our own people have lost their roots. They have forgotten who they are and what outstanding high cultures they emerged from. Most of them live in poverty (spiritually, socially, mentally and financially!), With very little or no school education at all, they drink alcohol, take drugs and have children at the age of 12!!! They become 3 or 5 children, sometimes even more.  

They leave school too early, there are at least 7 million illiterate people nationwide. And sometimes they have neither electricity or water. The former masters of this country now live in need and poverty.

The only thing that can save us is the knowledge or own CULTURE!!! 

It is therefore of enormous importance that our imperial crown is returned to Mexico, as a token of reparation for the genocide against the Mexican peoples and also as a sign of reconciliation! She belongs to Mexico!!! 

That's why I urgently need financial support! 

I have to be back in Vienna as soon as possible to speak to politicians and the worldwide media. Also, to hold demonstrations again in Vienna and everywhere in Austria.  

And if possible, my traditional dance group should accompany me. Across Austria, Germany and Switzerland!   

Please support my VERY IMPORTANT mission as much as you can… Every amount is urgently needed! 

You can't do much alone, together we are strong. 

Thank you very much for your support and help - and maybe we'll see you someday - in Vienna or Mexico!